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  • During this pandemic, we have learned that many of our youth are experiencing anxiety due to being away from in person schooling. Now that we are going back to school, half of the high school will be new.
  • Our GBA Jr. Coaches’ Mentoring Program will motivate youth by matching 9th and 10th grade students with peer mentors specifically trained to serve as role models.
  • We will emphasize responsibility, the importance of academics, resilience, self care, and not being afraid to ask for help. We will focus on building skills for life and success.
  • THANK YOU for supporting GBA’s outreach to local student-athletes!

The 2021 MCGives! Campaign begins Nov. 11 and runs through midnight Dec. 31, 2021.

PLEASE SUPPORT GBA’s BIG IDEA ONLINE @ If you choose to pay by check, it MUST be made payable to “Community Foundation for Monterey County” (or CFMC, or CFMC/MCGives). Checks made out to GBA will not be accepted! Please specify GBA on the memo line or on an attached note and include your contact details.

Fall League 2021

Fall League Flyer
Fall League (English)
Fall League (Spanish)
Fall League Schedule

Julio Sanchez
Leigh Steinberg
Stay at Home Shelter Drills

Episode 5

Stationary Defensive Stance: with some Step Slides
3 Line Close-Out Defensive Drill
Cone Individual Defense Drill: Cone to Cone Action
3 Man Weave, Back to a 2 on 1 Drill
Jump to the Ball Defensive Drill
Cone Conditioning Drills: 3 Cone Touch Defensive Drill
Shell Defense Drill: 4 vs 4
Close-Out w/Back Pedal Conditioning Drill: Defensive Emphasis
5 Man Weave, Back to a 3 on 2 Drill
Defensive Drill: Deny the Wing and Help / Plug Options

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Coach Jose Gil and his kids, Josue, Sammy and Nayeli here to Demonstrate some more ball handling drills to do at home. You do need a court for any of these drills;

  1. Dribbling a basketball and tennis ball simultaneously
  2. Two basketballs at once stationary drills
  3. Combination stationary with both balls optional
  4. Resistance dribbling with a partner using 2 balls. This drill requires space to move


Stay at Home Shelter Drills
Eva Silva coaching our young 4-5 year olds


Coach Gil and Mario Arturo Gamboa – GBA Interview

GBA Shelter in Place Drills

GBA to honor longtime Salinas coach Jim Rear with Heroes Award

World Tours

GBA believes in empowering youth by helping them develop a world view.

2022 World Tour to Spain and France

GBA 2022 World Tour Flyer to Spain and France


This past summer we took 67 youth on an educational trip to Mexico. They learned and experienced firsthand the traditions, …


GBA is more than just a basketball academy, it is an organization that works on character building, setting goals, and …

Dominican Republic

Our GBA parents, coaches and kids are hard at work trying to raise funds to pay for the kids tour to the Dominican Republic …

All World Tours


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