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Gil Basketball Academy Zoom - Episode 4

Passing Drill: A variety of passes series with defensive slides
Dribble Knockout Drill: Fun way to work on your ball handling under pressure
Rhythm Dribbling Drill: Dancing with the basketball to get loose and condition
Beat the Pro Shooting Drill: Competitive shooting to challenge yourself vs a Pro
Dribble Series: Offensive focus with a variety of moves at designated areas
Pound Series of Ball Handling Drills: Dancing and Live feet focus
Trace the Ball Defensive Drill: Partner driven and creativity needed to be challenged
Inside Out Offensive Move: Transition series with a variety of finishes at the basket

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Coach Jose Gil and his kids, Josue, Sammy and Nayeli here to Demonstrate some more ball handling drills to do at home. You do need a court for any of these drills;

  1. Dribbling a basketball and tennis ball simultaneously
  2. Two basketballs at once stationary drills
  3. Combination stationary with both balls optional
  4. Resistance dribbling with a partner using 2 balls. This drill requires space to move


Stay at Home Shelter Drills
Eva Silva coaching our young 4-5 year olds


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GBA to honor longtime Salinas coach Jim Rear with Heroes Award

World Tours

GBA believes in empowering youth by helping them develop a world view.

World Tour to Peru/Colombia Postponed to 2021

GBA World Tour Flyer


This past summer we took 67 youth on an educational trip to Mexico. They learned and experienced firsthand the traditions, …


GBA is more than just a basketball academy, it is an organization that works on character building, setting goals, and …

Dominican Republic

Our GBA parents, coaches and kids are hard at work trying to raise funds to pay for the kids tour to the Dominican Republic …

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