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Stay at Home Shelter Drills


Stationary Defensive Stance: with some Step Slides
3 Line Close-Out Defensive Drill
Cone Individual Defense Drill: Cone to Cone Action
3 Man Weave, Back to a 2 on 1 Drill
Jump to the Ball Defensive Drill
Cone Conditioning Drills: 3 Cone Touch Defensive Drill
Shell Defense Drill: 4 vs 4
Close-Out w/Back Pedal Conditioning Drill: Defensive Emphasis
5 Man Weave, Back to a 3 on 2 Drill
Defensive Drill: Deny the Wing and Help / Plug Options

Watch Gil Basketball Academy Zoom – Episodio 1
Watch Gil Basketball Academy Zoom – Episodio 2
Watch Gil Basketball Academy Zoom – Episodio 3
Watch Gil Basketball Academy Zoom – Episodio 4

Coach Jose Gil and his kids, Josue, Sammy and Nayeli here to Demonstrate some more ball handling drills to do at home. You do need a court for any of these drills;

  1. Dribbling a basketball and tennis ball simultaneously
  2. Two basketballs at once stationary drills
  3. Combination stationary with both balls optional
  4. Resistance dribbling with a partner using 2 balls. This drill requires space to move


Stay at Home Shelter Drills
Eva Silva coaching our young 4-5 year olds


Coach Gil y Mario Arturo Gamboa – GBA Entrevista

Giras Mundiales

GBA cree en la capacitación a los jóvenes al ayudarlos a desarrollar una visión del mundo.

Tour Mundial a España/Francia pospuesto hasta el 2022

GBA World Tour Flyer


El verano pasado llevamos a 67 jóvenes a un viaje educativo a México. Aprendieron y experimentaron de primera mano las …


GBA es algo más que una academia de baloncesto. Es una organización que trabaja en la formación del carácter, el …

República Dominicana

Nuestros padres de GBA, entrenadores y niños están trabajando duro tratando de recaudar fondos para la gira de los niños a …

Giras Mundiales


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